Check Out the Fun, Trippy Trailer for ‘Graham Chapman: A Liar’s Autobiography’


Graham Chapman: A Liar’s Autobiography has been in the works for a long time — we first reported on it over a year ago — but the trailer is finally out and its official release is on the horizon. A 3D animated film put together by some of Chapman’s fellow former Pythons with the help of a number of different animation studios, the film puts Chapman’s old audio recordings to good use. Mostly taken from the man himself reading from his “absurdist memoir” A Liar’s Autobiography: Volume VI, the film looks to be more an insane celebration of Chapman’s tragically short life than anything like a straightforward telling of his personal story. And really, with those Monty Python boys at the helm, would you have it any other way.

Look for Graham Chapman: A Liar’s Autobiography on Epix and in select theaters starting on November 2nd of this year.