Watch an Expectedly Creepy Clip From The Possession


This ain't your bubbe's horror movie (except it is, if she's into creepy Jewish folklore).

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American Horror Story: Cult’s New Promo and Poster Features Another Clown and More Bees

Definitely don’t look and watch if you’re afraid of clowns or bees.

Zoo Recap: Mansdale vs. the Volcano

Even for Zoo, the first five minutes of this episode are absolutely bonkers.

Seth Meyers Uses Rooster Sound Effects to Censor Scaramucci’s Vulgar Tirade Against Bannon and Priebus

Meyers: 1, Scaramucci: 0.

Nashville Recap: Bad Grandma

Not gonna lie, I like Gunnar’s grandma.

Warner Bros. Is Making a Big Play for Wonder Woman to Become the First Comic Book Movie to Get a Best Picture Nomination

If the studio succeeds, the film will be the first comic-book movie to be nominated for Best Picture.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston Are Working on a TV Show Together

Big Little Incredibly Well-Preserved Women.

HBO’s Head of Programming Confirms the Network Is Exploring a Second Season of Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty has been asked to work on preliminary story ideas to test the waters.

Rick Ross Calls Sexist Comments About Not Signing Women to His Label ‘a Mistake I Regret’

Ross says he will now focus on signing women through his upcoming VH1 music-competition series.

Stephen Colbert Will Continue to Ride the Trump Bump All The Way to a Cartoon Trump Series for Showtime

The saga of the Trump Bump continues.

Ear Hustle Is an Utterly Fascinating Look at Prison Life

The Radiotopia podcast is produced by inmates who live inside California’s San Quentin State Prison.