Dan Harmon Is Writing a Pilot for CBS Too


Look at Dan-Har go. After making a deal to write a pilot script for Fox last week, Dan Harmon has agreed to write a different script for CBS. CBS? Yep, CBS. Like with Fox, the CBS script will be for multi-camera. Deadline is also reporting that he is currently at Just For Laughs looking for a comedian to possibly base a show around because he prefers to write with talent in mind. This also suggests that we’re not going to see either of these shows anytime soon. It appears that Harmon got these deals off of his previous work, not off a new idea, so he has to still, you know, think of something to write about then write about it then see what the network says then maybe shoot a pilot then see what the network says then maybe start making a show, TWICE. Hopefully only one of the two shows will be about a genius, moody writer who gets fired from the…magazine(?) he created.