Dexter Trailer: ‘I Will Never Be Okay’


Dexter ended last season with Deb finally, finally discovering her brother mid-stab. The series has gone to the "will someone close to Dexter discover his secret?!" well quite a few times, and each time the answer's been "almost, but no!" (Except for Doakes. Poor, wonderful Doakes.) So we've been dreading whatever maneuvering the show was going to pull to somehow get out of dealing with the plotline at hand. The teaser of the first two minutes almost assuaged our fears, but we still worried that that scene ends with Dexter bolting up in bed, panting, and realizing it was all a terrible dream. This new trailer, though, has us finally convinced that the show isn't going weasel out of this one. Drop the incest plot, let Deb grow a brain, and this show could actually maybe be back in business.