Dwight’s Family Continues to Grow


Tom Bower has been cast to play the Schrute’s great uncle Heinrich on The Farm. He is described as charming and manipulative and possibly a former Nazi. Not like a metaphoric Nazi, like how a child might describe a particularly mean lunch-lady, but like an actual Nazi. This is somewhat typecasting for old Tom Bower as he was previously seen playing Pop Pop, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang’s Nazi grandfather.

Matt Jones, who’s best known for playing Badger on Breaking Bad, has also joined the cast. He’ll play Dwight’s cousin Zeke. The word is that originally Zeke was supposed to be a minor recurring character but the part was expanded for Jones after he came in to audition for the role of Jeb, the role Thomas Middleditch ended up getting. Jones, like Middleditch, has a very extensive improv background. Starting at age 17, he has roots at iO, UCB, and Amsterdam’s BOOM CHICAGO.

OK, so, doesn’t The Farm kind of look like it might be good? If someone told you that there’s a new NBC pilot created by Paul Lieberstein and starring Rainn Wilson, Matt Jones, and Thomas Middleditch and someone playing a possible Nazi, wouldn’t you be pumped? Let’s get pumped.