Fox Acquires Some More Single-Cam Comedies


- Comedian Mo Mandel with Happy Madison is working on a sitcom about a sibling rivalry. It’s like Step Brothers but just not Step Brothers. Mo, who is best known as one of the leads on NBC’s short-lived Free Agents, is not necessarily going to star in the show but sure seems like he wants to.

- Happy Madison has made a pilot deal with Fox for a show starring Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, also known as Aly & AJ, the sister singing duo behind songs like “Auto-tuned Britney Spears Knock Off” and “Cheesy Ballad that Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez Turned Down.” The currently untitled comedy is about two characters based on the sisters who finally move out of their parent’s house, only to have their mom move in with them. Zany!

- Patients Required is a show about an unorthodox young pediatrician who joins his mom’s practice. The mother and child, of course, have a bizarre relationship. Hopefully bizarre doesn’t mean sex stuff because otherwise this one sounds pretty fam-friend.

- Make It Work is a quirky family comedy (is there any other kind?) where the protagonist proposes to his girlfriend and then finds out he has a daughter with an ex (OH NO!!!!!!!) and the rest his hilarious history.