John Goodman in Talks to Play ‘Hangover III’s’ Villian


The lovely, awesome John Goodman is being eyed to play the bad guy in the final Hangover movie. (More like John not so Goodman. Get it? Because he won’t be G– I’ll just stop now.) Goodman is a natural bad guy, as was the case in this past season of Community, because of how physically imposing he is and the undeniable gravitas of his voice. If Goodman can’t do it, Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. are director Todd Phillips’ back-up choices. And this marks the first time where John Goodman, Sean Penn, and Robert Downey Jr. were fighting for the same role. Well, other than when they all wanted to play Big Dan Teague in O Brother, Where Art Thou? Goodman eventually won that part because the Coen Brothers were unwilling to change the character’s name to Medium-Sized Dan Teague.