Killing Them Softly Trailer: Crooks on Crooks


Killing Them Softly is a story concerning, among other things, Ray Liotta and James Gandolfini appearing in the same film about organized crime. But about those "other things": Brad Pitt is an apparently moralistic hit man who occasionally liaises with the always excellent Richard Jenkins. His task is to take out some money-hungry, foresight-bereft thugs. "Look, I don't know you," one of the silly crooks tells the experienced Pitt, who's tracked him down. "Very few guys know me," Pitt answers with the mix of menace and humor that defines this trailer, set in part to the gun-slinging strains of Johnny Cash (a popular trailer choice these days). Killing Me Softly marks the first film from Andrew Dominik since 2007's The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which also starred Pitt and had a super-long title.