Let Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm Teach You About the ‘New Yorker’ iPhone App


The New Yorker just launched its iPhone app today, a slick little number that allows you to read David Grann’s reportage on the subway without New York Post readers giving you the stinkeye. In order to educate readers and potential subscribers on the ins and outs of the app, the magazine hired Lena Dunham to make a little instructional video for them. It’s a strange one, made to look like some sort of public access talkshow from the 80s or 90s in an alternate universe in which everyone knew what iPhones and iPads were and Jon Hamm was on public access. It’s like if Tim and Eric got hired to direct an episode of Girls. Complete with cameo appearance from frequent Dunhammite Alex Karpovsky, but sadly no cameo from Celery Man.