The NFL Has a Hollywood Movie for You

Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty

Sports Night and 24 producer Tony Krantz is teaming up with the NFL to make a movie with the league's official blessing, a patina that eluded films like Any Given Sunday and those innumerable films about college football. Written by Ron Shelton — whose career canvasses baseball (Cobb, Bull Durham), basketball (White Men Can't Jump), boxing (Play It to the Bone), golf (Tin Cup), and, yes, football (The Best of Times) — the project is described by Variety as "interweaving storylines in the vein of Crash," with "PG-13 content, since the NFL is very protective of its family-friendly brand." NFL: The Movie (we made that up, but feel free to run with it, guys) will detail the final three weeks of an NFL season through the perspectives of fictional coaches, players, and significant others. Studios should be bidding on the project right around the time the NFL starts its season this September.