Robert Pattinson Continues His Sad Food Tour on Good Morning America


Since the Ben & Jerry's went over so well on The Daily Show, you can hardly fault George Stephanopolous for trying the heartbreak-food trick during this morning's Good Morning America interview with Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, Stephanopoulos used his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a distraction, not a bonding tool, and the caloric content on the box was not enough to make RPatz forget that he was being asked uncomfortable questions at 8:15 a.m. on national television. He froze up, as he is wont to do — and as he did on The Daily Show, truthfully — but without Jon Stewart's good-natured ad-libbing, the segment fell painfully flat. Stephanopoulos is only partly to blame; those are the kinds of gently prying questions that get asked on morning shows, and Pattinson has never been a great talker, even in the happy times. But surely there are a number of Breaking Dawn publicists staging small-scale panic attacks across Los Angeles right now, because unless they can get Jon Stewart re-cast as Dr. Cullen last minute, that tour is going to be excruciating. One final question: Why is Robert Pattinson so concerned about his weight? The Spanx jokes, the nutritional facts … didn't someone tell him that breakup weight is totally normal, and it comes off as soon as you find the next person? It's okay, Rob! Just dig in.