Ron Swanson and Lucy Lawless Sitting In a Tree


Well, at least they’ll sit in that tree until Swanson cuts it down and turns it into a canoe, which he’ll in turn give to Lucy Lawless. Lawless is set for a multiple episode arc on Parks and Recreation as a single mother who turns to the parks department for help. In doing so, she meets Ron Swanson and, as these things go, falls for the man.  Here’s the twist…dun dun dun…her name is not Tammy. SAY WHAT? (Karaoke with host Dave Holmes #DeepCut) It’s true. She’ll be named Diane. Diane’s a fine name, I guess, but I don’t know if Swanson would want a non-Tammy. However, this non-Tammy was once a warrior princess and Ron always seemed like a warrior prince.