Roy’s Coming Back to ‘The Office’, Parker Posey Penis Party Girl, and a Predictable ‘Scary Movie’ Casting


- Do call it a comeback, he hasn’t be here for years. The former almost Mr. Pam Beesly, Roy, is coming back to The Office’s office. David Denman’s return won’t be permanent but at least it might cause some conflict. Unless this casting just means the office finds a copy of Threat Level Midnight 2 (aka Threat Level Noon).

- Parker Posey is replacing the previously cast Leslie Mann as the “shot girl” at Schmidt’s penis party.  She might also make an appearance as the “Ghost of Bangs Future,” a specter who teaches Zooey’s Jess about the dangers of living a quirky life.

-  Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are going to be in Scary Movie 5, which is the opposite of surprising.