The Spice Girls Crush at the Closing Ceremonies


Musically, there was plenty to puzzle over at last night's closing ceremonies, which were billed as a "Symphony of British Music" and executed as a who's who of the artists that U.K. record executives refuse to give up on. (Still somehow looking at you, Jessie J.) But the night's most anticipated event — unless you somehow knew about the Fatboy Slim neon octopus — went off without a hitch, because real talk: The Spice Girls nailed their reunion segment. They looked fantastic! They sounded as good as they ever did twelve years ago — and they managed it while speeding around the arena on giant taxis. They actually had energy, unlike certain Gallagher brothers who sang very dour renditions of "Wonderwall" as the karaoke enthusiasts of the world looked on, horrified. We have no idea whether they can sustain this level of performance for longer than five minutes, but for the moment, who cares. Welcome back, Spice Girls!