‘The Campaign’ Opens Strongly with the Highest Debut for a Political Movie Ever


The Campaign opened this weekend, and it clocked a strong second place behind The Bourne Not-Matt-Damon with $27.44 million in receipts. That’s not as big as many blockbuster comedy openings like The Hangover Part II, but it’s pretty great for a summer that’s seen almost no comedies succeed. It has a steep hill to climb to catch Ted, which is by far the biggest comedy of the summer with nearly $210 million (!!!) made so far, but it should at least beat The Dictator, which is currently the second biggest comedy of the summer with about $60 million made so far.

And its in line with the opening weekend hauls of other Ferrell movies, if a bit lower, such as Anchorman ($28.4 million) and Step Brothers ($30.9 million), but a decent amount less than The Other Guys ($35.5 million) and Talladega Nights ($47 million). But as BoxOfficeMojo notes, “it’s the highest debut ever for a movie centered around a political campaign.” Take that, Swing Vote!