Up All Night Enlists Sean Hayes

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Up All Night will return in the fall with a retooled narrative, shifting the show to be more about Christina Applegate and Will Arnett's characters' home life and less about Applegate's work life and Maya Rudolph's not-Oprah character Ava. At least that's what showrunners said at the series' TCA panel yesterday. But Ava won't be back-burnered into oblivion: Sean Hayes will be joining the show for a multi-episode arc as her "former accompanist." (Ava's a one-time R&B star.) While Hayes and Rudolph can no doubt feed off each other's antic energy, the show doesn't actually need that — Night's whole first season suffered from the weird split tone of the series. Just give Rudolph her own show, and let Night be about its family unit. Problem solved!