In Which Photo Is Lana Del Rey’s Head the Heaviest?


We'd always had something of a suspicion. Pictorial evidence had borne it out. But it wasn't until Lana Del Rey was named the new face of H&M (also, of a new Jaguar sports car line), complete with a photoshoot in which she repeatedly cradles her lolled noggin with one hand while lounging in a variety of inexpensive fall sweaters, that we felt absolutely confident in announcing the following: Something needs to be done about Lana Del Rey's head, since it is clearly too heavy for her body. The "Video Games" chanteuse has long favored poses where her immaculately done-up cranium is tilted to the side, but it's become less of a trademark look and more of a health problem — just think of the scoliosis! — and here at Vulture, we're ready to start a foundation to combat it. (Infomercials have already been cut in-house.) Peruse this shocking gallery of Lana giving literal side-eye, nod at our evaluations, and start thinking of what you can do to help.