‘1991’ Video: Azealia’s Back


In September 2011, Azealia Banks debuted "212" and subsequently limboed her way into our YouTube favorites, then iTunes playlists, then hearts. A year later, the clip for "1991" is the fourth and final music video from the EP of the same name, titled after the year of 21-year-old Banks's birth. The glamorous new video is a nice juxtaposition with the Banks of a year ago, a production as shimmery as the rapper likely envisioned her future to be while filming her simple and terribly effective "212." "1991" feels like the motion-picture culmination to all the glamorous, colorful, off-the-wall Banks photo shoots magazines have been serving up on a monthly basis, set to the type of flow that has us continually considering Banks as much more than a viral video phenom. Plus, now we can add magnifying glasses to the list of accessories (lipstick, Mickey Mouse sweaters) Azealia knows how to work.