Last Night on Late Night: Adam Scott Analyzed ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ Line by Line


Last night on Conan, Adam Scott delivered a logical line-by-line analysis of Vanilla Ice's surprisingly illogical hit song, "Ice, Ice, Baby," whose dance interpretation you may recall in Step Brothers. Scott's conclusion: "A harpoon is ... like a spear which is the size of like a large person. And it's not something that flows," he observed. "But [Ice] is saying he flows like a harpoon all day and all night!" Things that make you go hmmm. Plus: Jay Leno went head-to-head with David Letterman's Barack Obama booking with Justin Timberlake. Apparently, the singer dancer actor got out of a DUI ticket due to his Burger King "onion ring stank"; and Chris Colfer played his latest invention, Ninja Darts, "which is like darts but with ninja stars." Watch our compilation to see what you missed.