How Casey Wilson Kidnapped a Rent Actor


Stars, they're just like us! And not just because they occasionally pump gas: Just because comedians and actors may be part of show business doesn't mean that they haven't at one time or another also had a completely awkward encounter with one of their pop-culture idols. In a new two-week video series that starts today, Vulture has partnered with the Upright Citizens Brigade to bring you funny people's reminiscences of moments in which they bumped up against their greatest entertainment obsessions and things got weird, and we've brought these horribly hilarious memories back to life through animation. Over the course of the series you'll see such storytellers as NTSF's Paul Scheer, Harold and Kumar's John Cho, and more get cartoonified, and we kick off the fun with Happy Endings' Casey Wilson, who shares how her deep high school dedication to the musical Rent led her to assume a false identity and nearly kidnap an understudy for the role of Mark.