Chris Pratt Is Pulling a Rob McElhenney and Gaining 65 Pounds for a New Movie


Chris Pratt is playing a lawyer in Vince Vaughn’s new sperm donor comedy Starbuck, and he’s following in the footsteps of Rob McElhenney, who gained 50 pounds for last season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, by trying to pack on 65 pounds before production begins in November. According to Vulture, Pratt has already gained over 40 pounds and has 25 left to go to reach his goal of 300. Some would say Robert DeNiro and Christian Bale are better-known examples of actors gaining weight for their roles than Rob McElhenney, but those are DRAMATIC actors. Rob McElhenney and Chris Pratt are comedic actors gaining weight for their roles. Totally different. It requires far more dedication than dramatic actors doing the same thing because, instead of receiving an Oscar nomination and critical adulation in exchange for guaranteed medical problems, comedic actors just get to be in a Vince Vaughn sperm donor movie.