Donald Glover Developing a Show for NBC


There are a lot of emotions flying around with this one. Donald Glover, who we all know from all his things, has been given a put pilot commitment by NBC for his own sitcom. The show would be co-executive produced by Matt “Hubba Hubba” Hubbard, who Glover worked as a writer with on 30 Rock. TV Guide reports the sitcom “would be loosely based on Glover’s life,” but which part of his life? Is it a show about a stand-up comedian/rapper dating a variety of Asian females or a show about a Jehovah’s Witness who goes to NYU and starts an Internet famous sketch group? OK, so what does this mean for Community? This pilot is supposedly in second position behind Community, meaning if Community gets picked up it will take priority. However, come on, are you buying that? NBC will pay Glover a “large penalty” if the show doesn’t move forward, meaning they’re planning on it moving forward. At least, with his own show, he’ll be able to talk about butt stuff all he wants.