Drew Droege Tries to Get Mark Eitzel to Admit He Loves Katy Perry


Singer/songwriter Mark Eitzel is doing a series of videos where he takes advice from people in the entertainment industry to prepare for the Oct. 2nd release of his new album, Don’t Be a Stranger, via Merge Records. In the latest installment, he talks to the world’s leading Chloë Sevigny impersonator, Drew Droege, who picks up on Eitzel’s obsession with Katy Perry but can’t get him to admit it and even though it’s totally obvious he’s in love with her. Mark Eitzel calls Katy Perry’s music “corporate shit,” but it’s just like hearing a middle school boy make fun of the girl he has a crush on. I have a feeling Eitzel will be taking Droege’s advice and showing up at the Coffee Bean Katy Perry frequents to sheepishly ask her to the Spring Fling.