Ellen Pompeo Agrees That Grey’s Anatomy Is Crazy

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

It's not easy being a Grey's Anatomy fan. On the one hand, yes, the show provides an elegant ritual for feeling all the feels, and sometimes there are really cute couples to root for. But other times … boy, Shonda Rhimes can really push the limits of credulity. Take comfort, fans: Ellen Pompeo can sympathize. "Why Meredith wouldn't take a job at Harvard is a bit of a stretch," she tells TV Guide. "But for whatever reason she doesn't and convinces everyone [but Cristina] to stay. That's a difficult thing to believe when I'm playing it, but I'm just a paid employee who has to do what they say." Well, fair enough! "We have a boss like everybody else," she says. "You may not always agree with it but you still have to be professional and do the best you can." And part of doing the best you can when you work on Grey's Anatomy means putting up with some crazy plot points and an insane amount of carnage. " ... In a way it is kind of absurd all the things they have to write into series television," Pompeo says. Yes, in a way, it kind of is.