Last Night on Late Night: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s ‘Eric Stonestreet Steals Gay American Jobs’ Campaign


Last night on Live, Jesse Tyler Ferguson launched yet another campaign, this time for gay employment in America. As a hoarse, Emmy-ed out Jimmy Kimmel explained to the redheaded contender, "The reason [Eric Stonestreet] might get the nod over you is he's a straight guy playing a gay guy." And to that very point, Ferguson launched his campaign to out Stonestreet from future Emmy wins since he "steals gay American jobs from gay Americans." Plus: What Giancarlo Esposito had expected to be a "glorified" "Mr. Perdue" role for Gus Fring on Breaking Bad now has the public terrified of him — "People call me 'Sir' everywhere I go." Also, Carly Rae Jepsen shared a tip for pop singers, and Gotye performed on the Late Show. No, not that song, but "Eyes Wide Open." Watch our compilation to see what you missed.