Lewis Black on Starting as a Road Comic at 40


“The other thing is that I shifted careers, so when I started doing standup… I was 40 when I started going on the road. Not that I didn’t go crazy during that time period. It was like, “Really? We can sit in the bar until 5?” But I was really spending all of that time learning another skill. I didn’t have time to fuck around. All of a sudden I was making a living. I was broke until I was 40. Really broke. I could get by, but I had nothing. No health insurance, so if something happened I was screwed. I was lucky my parents had money and my brother was willing to support me for a long time. Once I started doing standup, I had an income, and that was amazing to me.”

Speaking of comedians who start their careers later in life, here’s Lewis Black on starting life as a road comic at 40.