Lizzy Caplan Can’t Disprove the Party Down Movie’s Existence

Lizzy Caplan== The Paley Center For Media presents the star-studded premiere of critically-acclaimed Starz Comedy "Party Down"== Paley Center, Beverly Hills, CA== April 21, 2010== ©2010 Patrick McMullan== DAVID CROTTY/

Word circled in January that a Party Down movie might film in spring or summer of this year. While being grilled on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast about Megan Mullally's recent mention of the project, Lizzy Caplan had the following to add: "She likes to do that lately. She's not supposed to be saying that. We're hoping that the Party Down movie happens. I don't see why it wouldn't but there's no — nothing is set in stone." Caplan went on to say the movie's happening, and we went on to be confused.