Mindy Kaling Is Ready for the Close-Up She’s Writing for Herself


“Later, [Mindy Kaling will] do the scene with [Chris] Messina and all the white babies, followed by a scene where she finds out that her ex-boyfriend’s wife is pregnant, which will lead into the next day’s filming of a montage of her trying on wacky Halloween costumes like ‘Tinker Bell Tailor Soldier Spy.’ When she’s done with the day’s shooting, she heads back to the writers’ room to punch up lines. She’ll stay there until 3 a.m. ‘I don’t understand how and when she sleeps,’ says  [Ike] Barinholtz. ‘There are nights where she’ll be taping until two in the morning and I’ll come in earlyish, and she’ll already have been there, in a good mood.’”

Excerpt from the New York Magazine profile of Mindy Kaling that touches on the loss of her mother, her crazy work ethic, baby ethnicities, scamming cats, and how The Mindy Project will feature one montage an episode.