Guess Which New Girl Character’s Parents Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner Are Going to Play

SANTA MONICA - OCTOBER 29: Actress attends the 12th Annual Dream Halloween Fundraiser held at Santa Monica Airport October 29, 2005 in Santa Monica California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) Photo: Frazer Harrison/2005 Getty Images

One thing we know we can look forward to in the new season of New Girl (apart from more Schmidt workout tips and more Nick half-assing his entire life) is a little Jess (better known as Zooey Deschanel) family reunion — with lots of Thanksgiving-y home-baked, whimsically decorated goodies. Jess's mom (the New Age yoga teacher? town librarian?) and dad (the too-talkative-about-sex carpenter?) will be played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner, according to TVLine. The pair is divorced, which prompts Jess to launch what is described as a"Parent Trap-style" get-together. This raises a question: Does Jess have an identical (but remarkably straight-laced and adorably freckled) twin?