New Jesse Eisenberg Film May Be Plagiarized

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 10: Actor, Jesse Eisenberg arrives for the premiere of Twentieth Century Fox & Blue Sky Studios' "RIO" on April 10, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images) Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images

If a new lawsuit is successful, Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning's new project, Night Moves, set to start filming next month, may never even make it off the ground. The plaintiff, American Pyscho production company Edward R. Pressman Films, argues that Night Moves ripped off eco-vigilante novel The Monkey Wrench Gang, which Pressman owns the film rights to. (Catfish duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have already been tapped to direct its adaptation.) The evidence, according to the Hollywood Reporter: Both feature ammonium fertilizer-laden boats headed towards dams and beer-guzzling bombmakers. However, Night Moves' bombmaker is a former U.S. Marine, while the books' features former Green Beret. Stay tuned for more differences, courtesy of the Night Moves lawyers.