New The Hobbit Trailer: And Away They Go


Things have been awfully quiet lately when it comes to The Hobbit, which feels like an unusual development. This is Peter Jackson's guaranteed-to-make-a-boatload return to Middle-earth, but even though it's the prequel to a trilogy that was capped by a Best Picture win, there's not a lick of Oscar buzz on it. Were pundits deflated a bit by the announcement that the source material would be spread more thinly over three films, or Jackson's newfound reluctance to push the innovative 48fps technology that seemed to be his raison d'être? Whatever the case, it's time to crank up the hype, and so we've got this new trailer, where Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins sets off for adventure with a posse of pushy dwarves in tow. Shenanigans will ensue ... but not too many, just yet.