Ricky Gervais Is Bringing America ‘Derek’ and an App


Remember when people with accents were all up in arms about Derek? Well, now Americans can be the ones with upped arms. Next year, Derek will be available on Netflix.

Fear not, you will not be without the Gervs until then. He has helped launch an app called Just Sayin’. It is like Twitter but audio. As Gervais explained it: “Just Sayin’ is to radio what Twitter is to newsprint.” It is essentially the same as Eardrop, the app Earwolf created awhile back. The difference is the access to Gervais, so… that’s something. If Gervais isn’t your cup of tea, there are supes cool celebs, like: once fat bassplayer Mike Huckabee, once dead bassplayer Nikki Sixx, and famous shirt-remover Brandi Chastain.