The New Girl Gets Old Parents and Schmidt Gets a Sex Master


Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis are going to guest star on The New Girl next season as Jess’s parents. Will they be whimsical sillyheads like Jess? Or will they be the exact opposite, which caused Jess to rebel as a kid? Though, it’s hard to imagine the ever-huggable Reiner as a cynical asshole.  The pair will appear in the Thanksgiving episode, in which Jess tries to Parent Trap them back together. (I wonder if they’re going to bring in 2009-era Katy Perry to play Jess’s twin?)

Carla Gugino is also guest starring next season. She is set to play Emma, Schmidt’s sex freak boss, with whom he has a Fifty Shades of Grey sort of a relationship. Seriously, she makes him sign a contract and everything. She will likely not be in the Thanksgiving episodes because imagine what she’d do with the turkey.