The President Calls Up Harold and Kumar to Say ‘Get to Work’


Hahaha. Good one, Prez. Nice tacit endorsement of marijuana. Other than promoting pot and eating multiple pizzas and drinking multiple soft drinks (Michelle was probably like, “Awww, come on, Barack!), it’s promoting Thursday’s “Live from Charlotte,” Kal Penn’s web-only convention special. Penn, who previously worked as an associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement, will be interviewing fun celebrities like Elizabeth Banks and mopey celebrities like Zach Braff, before Obama’s speech. There are some rumors swirling that he got the infamous Clint Eastwood chair… for people to sit in when being interviewed. Penn also speaks at the convention tonight at 9:20pm. Do you think he’ll talk about how it felt when Robin cheated on him with Barney? [Via]