Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer: The End Is Nigh

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The first trailer for Twlight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 has nary to do with romance, vampiring and werewolfing, or epic loves and whatnot: This is an action trailer, from the pounding drums right on down to the Iron Man-esque ground punching. Grab your cloaks and let's head out to the tundra to finish this battle once and for all, etc.! The trailer answers a few important questions: Does Taylor Lautner wear awkward knits that cup and emphasize his man-nipples? Yes. Does the little girl move around and stuff and appear alive? She seems to. Are there people in fur bikinis? There are. Are there terrible wigs? There are. Most important, does someone hilariously say "we'll join you" about 50 seconds in? Oh boy, yes.