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Y: The Last Man Now One of New Line’s First Priorities

Well-placed sources tell us that New Line Cinema may finally be getting around to making a feature-film adaptation of the graphic novel, Y: The Last Man.

Of course, when a project has been in development for almost a decade, it can sometimes be difficult to get excited about the latest twist or turn. But even still, we hear that the studio is very pleased with a draft from former Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, and has already begun the process of meeting with director candidates to hire for the project.

For those unfamiliar, Y is a classic in the comic book–graphic novel world. Written by Brian K. Vaughn (who also worked on several seasons of Lost), it tells the story of a guy and his pet monkey — the only survivors of the apparent simultaneous death-by-plague of every male mammal on Earth. Over the years, it’s attracted all sorts of directors, including most recently, Disturbia director DJ Caruso, who left the project two years ago.

Photo: Vertigo