You Had To Be There #78: Scott Moran


This week, Sara and Nikki waste no time on chitchat before introducing their storied Renaissance man of a guest: stand-up, visual artist, filmmaker, and boyfriend Scott Moran (@scottmoran9876). With his already-acclaimed new webseries Modern Comedian, Scott documents the comedy scene by crafting elegant video profiles of other rising comics. Scott recalls Sara’s hilariously aloof introduction to his father and the couple outlines their official opinion of baby talk. The trio touches on that unique disappointment of fulfilling a dream and finding its outcome underwhelming, and later offers some prescient advice about the Tonight Show’s budget woes. Things start wrapping up with Sara talking pee about web journalist Xeni Jardin and Nikki auditioning for an honorary spot in the Scott-Sara relationship. Super casual, super funny episode.

Download now (MP3), grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.