Are You Ready for a Peanuts Feature Film?

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Relaxing Before Their Big Film Shoot

Almost exactly 62 years to the day that Peanuts first appeared in newspapers, Twentieth Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios (the folks behind the Ice Age films) announced they will be turning the legendary Charles Schulz strip into a feature film. Steve Martino (Steve Martin's Italian alter ego?), co-director of Ice Age: Continental Drift, will be directing the adaptation, with Schulz's son Craig and grandson Bryan working on the script. The film is scheduled to come out in time for the strip's 65th anniversary on November 25, 2015. (Do we smell another Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?) In it, Charlie finally kicks that football, and it soars through the air and lands on an NFL scout's lap, so the scout signs him up to play for the Cleveland Browns, of course, and Charlie becomes a big football star. The film ends with the line: "Call me Charles Brown now, Snoopy."