Dr. Ruth Loved The Sessions, Felt Up John Hawkes

Dr. Ruth. Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Last night, sex-talk icon Dr. Ruth Westheimer took in a screening of The Sessions, which tells the real-life story of handicapped writer Mark O'Brien (John Hawkes) and the sex surrogate he hired to take his virginity, Cheryl Cohen Greene (Helen Hunt). Naturally, Dr. Ruth had some thoughts: "I did say, number one, that I would like her to use a contraceptive, because I don’t want her to get pregnant," she told us. "And my most important point is that maybe with a film like this, we can push for prostitution to be legal so that [prostitutes] can get supervision, so they can get medical help." (Only wrinkle there is that the movie goes to great lengths to explain the difference between a sex surrogate and a prostitute: The latter wants to keep you coming back; the former sets an end date.) Still, Dr. Ruth said she found the sex-positive film to be "wonderful," even if it had her worried for the real-life condition of Hawkes, whose emasculated body was contorted for the role. In fact, when Dr. Ruth spoke to us, she'd just laid her hands on Hawkes himself to make sure he was all right. "He has a chest!" she said happily. "I touched it. I am 84 years old, so I can permit myself. Nobody is going to say that I am a dirty old woman."