Ed Asner Wants to Be on The Newsroom

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Jane Fonda's scheming Newsroom character Leona Lansing might need to watch her back next season. At least she will if Ed Asner gets his wish. "I could be Fox News," Asner suggested to Vulture last night at the opening-night party for the Broadway show Grace. "Jane Fonda, she's awesome, but I can deal with her. God knows in the past I have. I can give her a run for her money," he said. Okay, so he can go toe-to-toe with the cast; plus, he has experience rattling off Sorkinese thanks to his time on Studio 60. That just leaves one obstacle: "I hate Aaron Sorkin because he didn't hire me," Asner said. Right this wrong, Sorkin!