‘Fuck I’m In My Twenties’ Is the Second Tumblr Being Made Into a TV Show This Year


In what’s apparently gonna be a thing that happens regularly now, NBC has become the second network this season to take a stab at adapting a Tumblr blog into a show. Earlier this week, we reported that CBS is trying to turn the Hollywood Assistants Tumblr into a series, and now, NBC has announced it’s working with 24-year-old writer Emma Koenig to base a half-hour comedy around her popular Tumblr Fuck I’m In My Twenties. Koenig’s blog has also been the basis for a book, and the show will follow a 20something woman’s trials and tribulations in a big city. So, it’s time to return that Final Draft software, aspiring screenwriters, because starting a Tumblr seems like a better bet these days and it’s free.