Taylor Momsen Appears to Be Back on Gossip Girl

Photo: @KellyRutherford/Twitter

Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford, who plays everyone's favorite terrible mother Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey Bass, tweeted this photo of Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo with the caption "My kids are grown up!" Aww. Does this mean that Jenny Humphrey and Eric van der Woodsen will be making one last appearance? The CW had no comment, but GG is currently filming its series finale, so it make sense that the wayward spawn would finally find their way back to the UES. Well ... as much sense as anything on the show makes these days, which is not that much. We can hear Gossip Girl now! Couldn't stay gone forever, huh, Little J? [Some kind of sardonic, vaguely menacing wordplay.] XOXO, etc.