Graphing Icona Pop’s Very Fun Iconic EP

Icona Pop being fun Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Every so often, a Swedish musician or band will appear seemingly designed to make Americans have fun. Summer-hipster-cookout staples Icona Pop are such Swedes. They create post-Robyn mainstream indie-pop that makes you move your feet, hips, and smile lines. It's abrasively youthful, and though it isn't always perfect, it is always fun. Iconic EP, which was released earlier this week, features fun of all sorts: dance fun, sing-along fun, fist-pumping fun, and a little bit of moody fun. Songs like "Top Rated" and "Ready for the Weekend" might be a bit frivolous and not particularly timeless, but as they sing in "I Love It," they "don't care." To show exactly how fun their EP is, we made this handy bar graph that breaks down each song's precise fun level. It's very scientific and very fun.

Listen below if you haven't heard it yet: