Homeland vs. Revenge: Who Wore It Better?


Revenge and Homeland don't have too much in common. Oh, the characters keep gnarly secrets and lead double lives and engage in hand-to-hand combat, but otherwise, they're as different as can be — soap vs. thriller, socialites vs. spies. But last night they overlapped in one striking way: with a bold red sheath dress with a florette detail. (It's the Valentino Techno Couture Rose-Shoulder Dress, and it can be yours for $2,390.)

Photo: ABC/Showtime

Morena Baccarin's maligned Jessica wore it on Homeland (left) and Madeline Stowe's icy Victoria wore it on Revenge — with both characters trying to project an image of being totally okay, when in fact both are harboring major secrets about the men to whom they're precariously married. Actually, maybe these shows are more similar than we thought!