Hungry Hungry Hippos Movie Actually Happening


When Battleship came out, it inspired a slew of fake movie posters, including one for a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie. Well, be careful what you joke about, because it looks like Hasbro is making this mockery a reality! Earlier this year, Hasbro's pact with Universal fell apart, but now production company Emmett/Furla has stepped in and resurrected the seemingly defunct Monopoly movie and signed a deal for two additional films. One of those will be based on Action Man, who is basically British G.I. Joe, and the other will be based on Hungry Hungry Hippos. According to the L.A. Times, the hippo movie will be an animated children's film, which makes sense but is very disappointing. We demand a horrible hippo action movie! [Furiously slaps hippo lever.]