Jason Bateman Sells NBC an 80s Comedy That Has Nothing to Do with Teen Wolves


Jason Bateman, once the star of 80s comedies like Teen Wolf Too, has sold an 80s comedy of his own to NBC. The prospective show, titled Then Came Elvis, will be produced by Bateman through his shiny new production company, Aggregate Films. It’s Aggregate’s first TV project and its second ever project in general, after the upcoming Bateman/Melissa McCarthy movie Identity Thief. Then Came Elvis was created by Up All Night producer DJ Nash and loosely modeled on his own life. The show centers on the teenage son of a family going through a divorce, with his adult self narrating the story. Jason Bateman seems like a logical choice for the narrator, but no one has been cast yet. This sounds promising and all, but here’s my only note: Where are the teenage werewolves?