Late Night Roundup: Angry Old Guys Don Rickles and Lewis Black Do Their Things


Two of America’s funniest angry old guys made late night appearances last night. First, “Mr. Warmth” Don Rickles stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to bust Kimmel’s balls for being a “dumbbell host” and to admit he realizes nobody is interested in buying his app. At 86, Rickles is still spry and quick to berate Kimmel at every chance he gets.

64-year-old angry guy Lewis Black returned to The Daily Show for another installment of his long-running segment “Back in Black,” which he only does a few times a year these days. Black takes on Lance Armstrong, butt chugging, and donkey sex crimes, all topics that give him ample opportunity to scream and flail his arms around:

Elsewhere on the TV dial, younger and much-less-angry funnyman Kevin Nealon paid a visit to his old SNL buddy Conan O’Brien and got serious: