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Matthew Settle - THE CINEMA SOCIETY with HUGO BOSS and APPLETON ESTATE host the after party for "SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS" Matthew Settle.

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Matthew Settle Is Also Over Gossip Girl

First Penn Badgley told us his complicated thoughts on the end of Gossip Girl; then Leighton Meester admitted that nobody from the cast wanted to renew their contracts. Now Matthew Settle is sharing his own complaint, albeit a small one, about the soon-to-end show. “I would love to work on a series where there’s more collaboration,” Settle a.k.a. Rufus Humphrey told Vulture at a party for Seven Psychopaths this week. “I always wanted them to give Rufus, like, some stake to loose. He never had political conflicts, really, because he didn’t have a lot of power at stake. Lily, for instance, has to decide to sometimes be ruthless, and Rufus never had to deal with that, contend with it.” So, what high-stakes story line would he have written for the character? “Perhaps he found a Jackson Pollack painting that wasn’t legally his, but someone else needed to be rescued — so he did something illegal to rescue someone.” Huh? "It doesn’t matter,” Settle said. “I’ve got about 50 beaches calling my name.”

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Patrick McMullan