Nicholas Sparks Is Working on Three New TV Shows

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Nicholas Sparks, wizard of weepy romance, has three TV shows in the works, one each for ABC Family, TNT, and Lifetime, according to THR. Grab a tissue — we're about to explain what the shows are about! He's producing a modern Romeo and Juliet adaptation for ABC Family, which is different from the R&J McG is producing for ABC. (Let's take this moment to remember the late, great 10 Things I Hate About You ABCF show. Sigh.) For Lifetime, Sparks is producing Deliverance Creek, a female-centric Civil War drama, and for TNT, he's producing a show based on his novel A Bend in the Road, about a small-town sheriff learning to love again after his wife dies. Let's all wistfully stare at a sunset, frolic on a beach, and fight through our tears to deliver A Very Meaningful, Emotional Monologue on the Nature of Love and Stuff™.