Now Alec Baldwin Wants to Do More 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin attends the "To Rome With Love" Press Conference on June 19, 2012 in New York City. Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

"I offered NBC to cut my pay 20 percent in order to have a full 7th and 8th seasons of 30 Rock," Alec Baldwin tweeted this morning. As Liz Lemon herself might say, "What the what?" Wasn't Baldwin the one insistent on putting a pin in his acting career come 2012? Well, times change: "Now not a day goes by that he doesn’t go around to the crew and agitate for a season 8: 'You’ve gotta change your minds!'" Tina Fey tells EW. "It’s like, 'It’s not really up to me — and also, no.'"